Thursday, March 13, 2014

Original Poetry - The Care Package

The Care Package
The day after
they lost four
in a bloody battle
and a road side bomb
care packages
left unopened
Jim got cookies
Dave got CDs
Sandy got stationary
Eric’s contained one picture
a sonogram of
his first child
who will never know his father.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Original Poetry - Building

and excitement
are one and the same
she can wait no longer
heart pounding in her chest
as he holds her hands in his
pressing her against the wall
she turns her head
exposing her throat to him
he leans close and breathes her in
their hearts beat in rhythm
as he tastes her skin
she pulls him closer and whimpers
too long has it been

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Original Poetry - On the Road to Nowhere

On the road to nowhere
the GPS sent us
not a soul in sight
except for that guy on the bicycle
I still think he was a ghost
riding the same ride
over and over
ending at the old, rusty wheel
and the unmarked grave.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Original Poetry - Chapter Book

Her life is like a chapter book
offering only a little at a time
leaving you wanting more

Yet her coyness is not to tease
it is for her protection
from those who want it all

Her heart has been bended

Thrown on a dusty table
leaving it for the next browser
ear-marked at the juicy parts

One day, a kind, old librarian
will find this prized selection
and put it back where it belongs

Behind the protective glass of his love.

Original Poetry - Missing Chapter

Pages ripped from a book
and thrown into the flames
of fear and doubt

Hiding the words that hurt
yet garbled voices echo across
the years and the miles

The manuscript of my heart
still beats with distant memories
like the rhythms of a song long forgotten

One page remains
of a story still being written
one word speaks volumes.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Original Poetry - Confused Memories

Confused scribbles in chalk
on the blackboard of her mind
once erased lost forever
memories of dust floating in the air.

Original Poetry - Hold That Tongue

Holding my tongue
before I say too much
offering my heart to you
like the proverbial lamb
for you to sacrifice
twisting knife of your hatred
oozing emotions
until they dry up
drip drip dripping
onto the floor