Monday, October 29, 2012

Original Short - The Shimmers

Loretta took another drag of her cigarette.  The smoke burned all the way down into her lungs, feeling like she had just swallowed a red-hot briquette, and coughed out the smoke.

“Baby, you are SUCH a lightweight!” Mick laughed.  He passed her the bottle of tequila.  “Here, this should help.”

“You are such an asshole,” she spat back at him.  “You shouldn't even be driving right now.  Pull over and let me drive.”

“I’m fine,” Mick said.  “I always drink better when I drive.  You can’t even…”  A bright flash of light filled the sky, cutting Mick off in mid-rant.  He threw his left arm over his eyes and slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to an abrupt halt as the front of the car crumpled inward, the metal screaming in pain. 

“What the fuck did I hit?”  Mick said.  “Babe, are you okay?”

 “Huh?”  Loretta said, turning towards Mick.  “Yeah, I think so.  You?”

“I’m good,” he said as he unbuckled his seat belt.  “I’m gonna go check this out.  You stay there.”

“No way, I’m coming with you,” Loretta replied.  She unsnapped her seat belt and tried the door, but it wouldn't budge.  “Help me get my door open.”

Mick got out and went around to the passenger side.  He grabbed a hold of the door handle and placed his left foot on the side panel and pulled.  As the door swung open, Mick went down on his ass. 

“Smooth move, ex-lax,” she laughed, helping him up.

“The 80’s called,” he said.  “They want their jokes back.  I can’t see a thing out here.  There should be a flashlight in the trunk.”

As if on cue, a huge beam of light invaded the night sky, and an ear-shattering din filled their heads.  They cringed and covered their ears, unable to hear their own screams over the roar.  The reverberation stopped abruptly as the light changed to a soft glow. 

In front of the car was a huge structure.  It was raised a hundred feet off of the ground by six glimmering beams, each radiating a different and unique hue.  They appeared to be made of steel from one angle; glass from another.  Mick approached the beam his car had smashed into and reached out.  He pulled his hand back suddenly, the beam so cold it burned.

They walked underneath the structure and looked up.  The underside of the structure appeared to be made of the same material as the beams, but also had the illusion of movement, as if under water.

“She is beautiful, no?” A voice from behind froze them in place.  “It is quite unfortunate that you are here.”  He was neither young nor old, with features just out of the reach of human comprehension, shimmering like the structure above them.  He didn't quite walk towards them as glide, and the air around him smelled like sour milk and tasted like the seashore with undertones of rotting fish.  Touching their shoulders, all three of them vanished.

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