Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Original Poetry - The Truth About Black Friday

Have to work on turkey day
what is this world coming to
when Walmart ruins my holiday
making me leave my family for a few hours

We sit together holding hands
giving thanks for this bounty
we lost two more yesterday
from a roadside bomb

I can’t believe this traffic
this is the worst way to spend Thanksgiving
we make so many sacrifices
to be with loved ones

A mortar hit on the way to chow
and they have to feed him through a tube
he’ll never walk again
at least he’ll be going home

I’m so stuffed
I ate too much pie
I don’t want to clean the kitchen
I’d rather drink beer and watch football

Sirens blaring, bullets flying
giving thanks for my training
I just want to get home in one piece
enjoy a beer and watch some football.

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